Lighting the Way to a Sustainable Future with High-Quality, Native-Made Solar Heating Solutions
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Why Us?

We build the most efficient and economical high-performance solar air heating panels in the U.S.! Rigorously tested for the coldest climates, our products have the best Btu-per-dollar ratio on the market.

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About Our Name

According to Anishinaabe prophecies, we have a choice between a well-worn, scorched path and one that is green and unworn. If we choose the green path, the 8th Fire will be lit and a better future will be formed.


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Our Products

We build solar thermal panels that turn sunlight into heat for your home or business. One solar air heater reduces your use of fossil fuels and can save up to 30% of your monthly heating cost for 20 years!

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8th Fire Solar is the work of Akiing, a non-profit community development corporation and a project of Honor the Earth. Akiing, the Ojibwe word for “ the land to which the people belong,” works to restore a culturally based Anishinaabeg economy focused on food, energy, and sustainable production; one that restores health and economic opportunities for Anishinaabeg in the Great Lakes region.