Why 8th Fire Solar?


Purchasing from 8th Fire Solar is a smart and cost-effective choice that benefits you, your community, and the planet!

Rigorously tested and proven effective in cold-weather climates, the unique benefits of 8th Fire Solar products include:


We’ve worked closely with the engineers at RREAL to ensure we build the most efficient and economical high-performance solar air heating panels in the country!

  • We have the best Btu-per-dollar ratio on the market (up to 4.5 Million Btu per Minnesota heating season), which means you get the most heat energy for the money you spend.

  • Durable, high-quality construction.

  • Excellent heat transfer for maximum system performance.

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Locally made

We’re not a big foreign company that doesn’t care how well our panels perform. If we don’t live up to our reputation, it impacts our lives and those of our neighbors. That’s why we’ve put so much research, time, partnerships and sweat into building a local enterprise in Ponsford, Minnesota. We’re committed to improving the lives of tribal members with good jobs, training, hope, and an environmentally sustainable path into the future for us all.

In addition, the solar jobs we’re creating reach far beyond our lands. Solar jobs increased 253% between 2013 and 2016, and it continues to be one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. There is a high demand for individuals who are qualified to install and manage solar projects. In fact, if you’re interested in becoming part of our trained dealer network, contact us at info@8thFireSolar.org.

Lessen reliance on fossil fuels

Most Northern households rely on fossil fuels for heat, whether it’s costly heating oil or liquid propane, electricity from coal or natural gas. A single solar panel reduces your fossil fuel use and carbon emissions by 20-40%, depending on the building and your primary heating fuel. By investing in solar energy to heat your home or small business, you prove that good jobs and a clean environment can go hand-in-hand, strengthening our communities and our planet.   

Important features of 8th Fire Solar thermal panels

  • Positive or negative airflow capability

  • Selectively coated aluminum absorber that has the best solar thermal levels available.

  • Gasketed glazing cap and R12 foam insulation to create a weather-tight frame that minimizes heat loss.

  • Extruded all-aluminum frame with internal corner brackets that provide stability and longevity.

  • A unique collector racking system.

  • Installs on hidden rails safely and easily, integrating beautifully with your existing architecture.

  • Go here to learn more about the benefits of our thermal panels!

Our work

Here are examples of just a few of our solar thermal projects and the energy costs the clients saved…