Lighting the Way to a Sustainable Future with High-Quality, Native-Made Solar Heating Solutions

About Us


About Us

According to Anishinaabe prophecies, we are in the time of the Seventh Fire. At this time, it is said we have a choice between a path that is well-worn and scorched, and a path that is green and unworn. If we move toward the green path, the Eighth Fire will be lit and people will come together to make a better future. 

We are lighting the Eighth Fire.

At 8th Fire Solar, we are building a better future for our Native American communities by creating and assembling a sustainable and renewable energy product: solar thermal panels. Our manufacturing facility near Pine Point – operated by the Anishinaabe – creates and provides high-quality, efficient renewable energy technology for heating homes and small businesses throughout the continent.

Heating accounts for the majority of energy used in an average U.S. household. The cost of this heat, especially in many of our tribal and rural communities, is too much to bear and leads many families to choose “heating or eating.” Solar thermal heating is an economic and reliable energy choice that helps lower bills and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels. 

Thank you to the partners and supporting organizations that help bring 8th Fire Solar to light!


Ojibwe Solar & Wind

Pine Point Community Council

White Earth Adult Education

Leech Lake Tribal College

White Earth Tribal College

Trees Water and People

Solar Bear


We also sincerely thank the funders that made this venture possible including: Northwest Area Foundation, Otto Bremer Fund, Cold Mountain Fund, The Mennonite Foundation, PLUS1/Stars, MN DEED, and other generous donors. Miigwech!

The people of 8th Fire Solar

 We work with a well-trained team that makes the highest quality, most efficient solar thermal panels in the country! 


Winona LaDuke


Winona LaDuke is a rural development economist and author working on issues of Indigenous Economics, Food and Energy Policy. She co-founded Honor the Earth with the Indigo Girls, as a platform to raise awareness of and money for indigenous struggles for environmental justice. Globally and nationally, Winona is known as a leader in the issues of cultural-based sustainable development strategies, renewable energy, and sustainable food systems. She is one of the leaders in the work of protecting Indigenous plants and heritage foods from patenting and genetic engineering.


Pam Mahling

Project Manager

Pam is the lead on the Honor the Earth portfolio of renewable energy and jobs, focused on tribal communities in northern Minnesota. She is helping jumpstart our economic development initiatives for Pine Point and other regional Tribal communities. She maintains relationships with the network of state and federal agencies and associations related to economic development and renewable energy. Pam has seen Honor through our tough transition time and provides invaluable office support and oversight.


Ron Chilton

Production Manager

Ronnie has long been part of the Honor the Earth community, and this past year has taken a lead role in our solar thermal project. He is responsible for the coordination of all solar installs, and coordination with tribes of all projects as needed. He has been instrumental in the renovation of our small-scale solar thermal panel building. He also helps coordinate Akiing’s wild rice and maple syrup processing.